Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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G e n e r a l   I n f o r m a t i o n

»Pope Leo I (c. 400 – 10 November 461), also known as Leo the Great, was Bishop of Rome from 29 September 440 until his death.« -- More information: Wikipedia

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I. Chronological Index: Ancient History: Roman History | III. Topical Index: Cases: Mythologocical Victims: Lucretia; Types: General: Rape

B i b l i o g r a p h y

I. Author Index

[Info] Vihervalli, Ulriika. Deviance and Disaster: Rationalising sexual morality in Western Christian discourses, AD 390 - AD 520. Ph.D. Thesis, Cardiff University, 2017.

[Info] Vihervalli, Ulriika. »Shame on whom? Changing Clerical Views on Raped Women in Late Antiquity.« Revisiting Rape in Antiquity: Sexualised Violence in Greek and Roman Worlds London 2023: 99-110.

II. Speaker Index

[Info] Vihervalli, Ulriika. »Against bishops's will? Dynamics of wartime rape in the fifth century west.« Rape in Antiquity: 20 years on. London 2017.