Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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[Site] A s i a n  M e m o r i a l s

[Site] Philippine Memorials

I. Author Index

[Info] Shahani, Lila R. »The Politics of Erasure: De-Commemorating "Comfort Women" in the Philippines.« Fallen Monuments and Contested Memorials. Edited by Juilee Decker. London 2024: 79-91.

[Site] A m e r i c a n   M e m o r i a l s

[Site] U.S. Memorials

I. Author Index

[Info] Li, Lin. »"Comfort Women" Memorials at the Crossroads of Ultranationalist, Feminist, and Decolonial Critiques: Triangulating Japan, South Korea, and the United States.« Frontiers (2022): 89-116.

[Info] Li, Lin. »Towards a Just Memory: Remembering Survivors of Sexual Violence through Memorials.« Arcade (March 3, 2023).

[Info] Mirkinson, Judith. »Building the San Francisco Memorial: Why the Issue of the 'Comfort Women' is Still Relevant Today?« The Transnational Redress Movement for the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery. Edited by Pyong G. al. Berlin 2020: 71-94.

[Info] Sardina, Alexa, et al. »America's First Memorial Honoring Survivors of Sexual Violence.« Journal of Interpersonal Violence 37 (January 10, 2022).

[Info] Yoon, Jihwan. »??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??.« Taehan Chiri Hakhoe chi 54 (2019): 51-69.

II. Speaker Index

[Info] Fox, Nicole, et al. »Remembering Rape: America's First Memorial to Sexual Assault.« 76th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology. Chicago 2021.