Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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[Site] A f r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] General

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[Site] A m e r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] General

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[Site] South American History

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[Site] Canadian History

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[Site] Colombian History

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[Site] U.S. History

Cases: Fictional Victims: Chipper Dove; Derek Vinyard; Representations: Films: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, American History X, American Horror Story, Me, Myself & Irene; Literary Texts: John Irving (The Hotel New Hampshire)

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[Site] A s i a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Bangladeshi History

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[Site] Chinese History

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[Site] Japanese History

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[Site] Turkish History

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[Site] E u r o p e a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Bosnian History

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[Site] Croatian History

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[Site] English History

Representations: Literary Texts: Sarah Kane (Blasted)

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[Site] German History

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[Site] Serbian History

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[Site] Welsh History

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[Site] O c e a n i a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Australian History

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