Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Victims: Physical Consequences:

[Site] A f r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] South African History

[Info] Bradford, Helen. »'You Call That Democracy?': Struggles over Abortion in South Africa since the 1960s.« University of the Witwatersrand History Workshop. Johannesburg 1994.

[Site] A m e r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Brazilian History

[Info] Machado, Marta R., et al. »The Battle Over Abortion Rights in Brazil's State Arenas, 1995-2006.« Health and Human Rights Journal 19 (2017): 119-131.

[Site] U.S. History

[Info] Bojanic, Antonio N. »An Analysis of Abortion Patterns for White and Non-White Women in the United States, 1973 to 2008.« Journal of Policy Practice 14 (2015): 58-75.

[Site] A si a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Chinese History

[Info] Tsang, Carol. »Whose Body Is It? The Politics of Abortion in Late Colonial Hong Kong.« Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. Seattle 2024.

[Site] Japanese History

[Info] Roebuck, Kristin A. »Rape, Race, and Eugenic Abortion in Occupied Japan.« Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. Seattle 2024.

[Info] Yamamoto, Meyu. »Child of the Other: Wartime Sexual Violence and the Japanese Repatriation Support Policies after the Second World War.« XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology. Yokohama 2014.

[Site] E u r o p e a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] English History

[Info] Brookes, Barbara, et al. »Rex v. Bourne and the medicalization of abortion.« Legal Medicine in History. Edited by Michael Clark et al. Cambridge 1994: 314-343.

[Site] German History

[Info] Anselm, Reiner. Jüngstes Gericht und irdische Gerechtigkeit. Protestantische Ethik und die deutsche Strafrechtsreform. Stuttgart 1994.

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[Info] Satjukow, Silke, et al. »Bankerte!« Besatzungskinder in Deutschland nach 1945. Frankfurt/Main 2015.

[Site] Hungarian History

[Info] Peto, Andrea, et al. »Nationalism, Pronatalism, and the Guild of Gynecology: The Complex Legacy of Abortion Regulation in Hungary.« Central European History (April 2, 2024).

[Site] Irish History

[Info] Earner-Byrne, Lindsey, et al. The Irish Abortion Journey, 1920-2018. Cham 2019.

[Site] Polish History

[Info] Zok, Michael. »Wider die „angeborene und nationale Mission der Frau“? Gesellschaftliche Auseinandersetzungen um Abtreibungen in Polen seit der Entstalinisierung.« Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung 68 (2019): 249-278.