Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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G e n e r a l   I n f o r m a t i o n

»Athena or Athene, often given the epithet Pallas, is an ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare, and handicraft who was later syncretized with the Roman goddess Minerva. Athena was regarded as the patron and protectress of various cities across Greece, particularly the city of Athens, from which she most likely received her name. The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens is dedicated to her. Her major symbols include owls, olive trees, snakes, and the Gorgoneion. In art, she is generally depicted wearing a helmet and holding a spear. « -- More information: Wikipedia

Attempted Rape by Hephaestus

I n f o r m a t i o n

»Hephaestus (/hɪˈfiːstəs, hɪˈfɛstəs/; eight spellings; Greek: Ἥφαιστος, translit. Hḗphaistos) is the Greek god of artisans, blacksmiths, carpenters, craftsmen, fire, metallurgy, metalworking, sculpture and volcanoes. (...)
According to Hyginus, Zeus promised anything to Hephaestus in order to free Hera, and he asked for the hand of Athena in marriage (urged by Poseidon who was hostile toward her), leading to his attempted rape of her. In another version, he demanded to be married to Aphrodite in order to release Hera, and his mother fulfilled the request.« -- More information: Wikipedia

K e y w o r d s

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I. Author Index

[Info] Deacy, Susan. »The vulnerability of Athena: Parthenoi and Rape in Greek Myth.« Rape in Antiquity: Sexual Violence in the Greek and Roman Worlds. Edited by Susan Deacy et al. London 1997: 43-64.

[Info] Deacy, Susan. »Revisiting the Vulnerability of Athena: Rape, Sexual Conflict and the 'Myth Instinct'.« Revisiting Rape in Antiquity: Sexualised Violence in Greek and Roman Worlds London 2023: 169-182.

[Info] Outeiro, Marina. »Viol ncia sexual em narrativas m ticas: Inana e Palas Atena.« Cadernos de Pós-Graduação em Letras 19 (2019): 122-141.

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