Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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[Site] E u r o p e a n   T r i a l s

[Site] English Trials

[Info] Gourlay, Kristi. »Roses and Thorns: The Prosecution of Rape in the Middle Ages.« Medieval Life No. 5 (1996): 29-31.

[Info] Orr, Patricia R. »Getting on with Their Lives: Rape Victims in English Royal Court Records, 1194-1225.« 22nd International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo 1987.

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[Info] Orr, Patricia R. »Non Potest Appellum Facere: Criminal Charges Women Could Not -- But Did -- Bring in Thirteenth-Century English Courts of Justice.« The Final Argument: The Imprint of Violence on Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Edited by Donald J. Kagay et al. Woodbridge 1998: 141-160.

[Site] Italian Trials

Cases: Real Offenders: Nicolao de Bentivoglio; Real Victims: Tomasina Lanfredi