Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Prosecution: Legislation - Chronological: Ancient Legislation, Medieval Legislation, Modern Legislation | Legislation - Topical: Age-of-Consent Laws, Canon Law, International Law, Islamic Law, Jewish Law, Military Law, Qing Law | Inquiry: Police Investigation, Reporting | Trials - Chronological: Ancient Trials, Medieval Trials, Modern Trials | Trials - Topical: Corroboration, Defendant Testimonies, Expert Testimonies, Physical Evidence, Sentences, Victim Testimonies | Arbitrary Law: Lynching, Revenge, Vigilantism | Frequency: Recidivism, Statistics

Cases: Biblical Cases, Fictional Cases, Mythological Cases, Real Cases

Types: General: Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment | Body: Anal Rape, Genital Mutilation, Groping, Oral Rape, Sexual Torture, Stripping | Circumstances: Attempted Rape, Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault, Date Rape, Instrumental Rape, Rape by Deception, Rape Threat | Frequency: Serial Rape | Killing: Femicide, Lust Murder | Offenders: Bestial Rape, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Demonic Rape, Gang Rape, Incestual Rape, Interracial Sexual Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Rape by Proxy, Same-Sex Rape | Places: Campus Sexual Assault, Institutional Abuse, Prison Rape, Sexual Violence at the Workplace, Sexual Violence in Sports, Sexual Violence in the Military, Sexual Violence on the Move | Purposes: "Corrective Rape", Forced Marriage, Forced Prostitution, Sex Trafficking | States of Emergency: Disaster Rape, Genocidal Rape, Sexual Violence during the Holocaust, State Terrorism, Wartime Sexual Violence | Victims: Animal Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Child Prostitution, Child Sexual Abuse, Elder Sexual Abuse, Incestual Rape, Interracial Sexual Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Same-Sex Rape, Slave Rape, Statutory Rape

Offenders: Characteristics: Age and Gender, Biological Status, Kinship, Mental Status, Professions, Social Status | Circumstances: Climate Conditions, Serial Offenders | Consequences: Physical Consequences Reactions

Victims: Characteristics: Age and Gender, Biological Status, Indirect Victims Groups, Kinship, Mental Status, Physical Status, Professions, Social Status | Circumstances: Climate Conditions, Deprivation of Liberty | Consequences: Mental Consequences, Physical Consequences, Reactions, Social Consequences

Society: Commmemoration: Memorials, Museums | Institutions and Organizations: Commissions, Museums, Non-Governmental Organizations, Political Parties, Rape Crisis Centers | Movements: Anti-Pornography Movement, Anti-Rape Movement, Black Freedom Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Gay Movement, Pedophile Movement, Rape Reform Movement, Redress Movements, Women's Movement | Politics: Politcal Parties, Propaganda | Rape Culture: General, Conceptual History, Metaphors, Moral Panics, Rape Fantasies, Rape Jokes, Rape Myths

Research: Disciplines: Criminology, Jurisprudence, Medicine, Pedagogy, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Sexology, Sociology | Education: Teaching History | Theories: Evolutionary Theory, Feminist Theory, Socio-Historical Theory

Representations: Acoustical: Music | Textual: Historiographical Texts, Literary Texts, Philosophical Texts, Press, Religious Texts, Song Texts, Speeches, Travel Writing | Visual: Art, Board Games, Comics, Dance Theatre, Fashion, Films, Musical Theatre, Photography, Television, Video Games