Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Ancient History:

T o p i c a l   I n d e x

P r o s e c u t i o n
Legislation: General | Inquiry: | Trials: | Arbitary Law: | Frequency:

C a s e s
Biblical Cases: Biblical Offenders: Absalom, Amnon, David, Delilah, Joseph, Judith, Lot's Daughters, Phinehas, Shechem, Tamar; Biblical Victims: Bathsheba, Bilhah, Concubine of a Levite, Cozbi, Dinah, Esther. Eve, Hagar, Holofernes, Judah, Judith, Lot, Lot's Daughters, Mary, Orpah, Ruth, Samson, Susanna, Tamar, Zilpah, Zion | Fictional Cases: | Mythological Cases: | Real Cases:

T y p e s
General: Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment | Body: | Circumstances: Attempted Rape, Rape Threat | Frequency: | Killing: | Offenders: Gang Rape, Incestual Rape, Same-Sex Rape | Places: | Purposes: Forced Prostitution | State of Emergency: Wartime Sexual Violence | Victims: Incestual Rape, Same-Sex Rape

O f f e n d e r s
Age and Gender: Female Adults, Male Adults | Biological Status: | Kinship: Brothers, Daughters, Fathers | Mental Status: | Professions: Soldiers | Social Status: Noblemen | Physical Consequences: | Reactions:

V i c t i m s
Age and Gender: Female Adults, Female Children, Male Adults | Biological Status: | Kinship: Daughters, Fathers, Sisters | Mental Status: Drunkenness | Physical Status: | Professions: | Social Status: | Circumstances: Captivity, Narcotization | Mental Consequences: Trauma | Physical Consequences: | Reactions: | Social Consequences:

S o c i e t y
Institutions: | Movements: | Politics: | Rape Culture:

R e s e a r c h
Disciplines: | Education: Teaching History

R e p r e s e n t a t i o n s
Acoustical: Music: | Textual: Historiographical Texts: Josephus; Literary Texts: ; Philosophical Texts: ; Press: ; Religious Texts: Hebrew Bible; Song Texts: ; Speeches: ; Travel Writing: | Visual: Art: ; Comics: ; Dance Theatre: ; Fashion: ; Films: ; Musical Theatre: ; Photography: ; Television: ; Video Games: