Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Series: Crime, Violence and Justice
Series Editor: Bianca Fileborn
Publisher: Trivent Publishing
Submission deadline for proposals: Ongoing
Excerpt: »This series aims to canvas innovative and critical debates across the field of criminology. We welcome proposals based on empirical research, as well as conceptual and theoretical work. 'Crime', 'violence' and' justice are conceptualized broadly in this series, and proposals may address behaviors which are within the remit of the criminal law, as well as those considered 'deviant', anti-social', or otherwise outside the scope of criminal law. Likewise, justice encompasses both formal institutional responses to crime and violence, as well as informal, innovative, and social justice.
We invite proposals for monographs, handbooks, or edited collections on a broad range of topics relating to crime, violence and justice broadly defined.«
More information: Trivent Publishing

Series: Gender and Culture in the Romantic Era
Series Editor: Ben P. Robertson
Publisher: Anthem Press
Submission deadline for proposals: Ongoing
Excerpt: »Gender and Culture in the Romantic Era is a series of scholarly monographs and edited collections devoted to the topics of gender and culture in British poetry, fiction, and drama from roughly 1780 to 1830. In terms of gender, the series encompasses scholarship related to the lives and works of women writers but also includes studies that address broader constructions of gender identity and sexuality. In cultural terms, the volumes in the series engage broadly with the interconnections between literature and such topics as book history and print culture, politics, science and medicine, travel writing, visual and auditory art, religion, the periodical press, the environment, revolution, exploration, theory, and transatlantic and other transnational connections.«
More information: Anthem Press

Series: Violence in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds
Series Editors: María López and Vidal Romero
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
Submission deadline for proposals: Ongoing
Excerpt: »This new series offers cutting-edge analyses of violence in all its forms in modern and contemporary Latin/x America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. Violence can manifest in multiple ways: as gender violence, femicide, and sexual violence; political violence; gang violence and street crime; violence carried out by guerrillas; violence and discrimination against indigenous and Afro-Latino populations; drugs, weapons, and human trafficking; and as the cause and reality of migration. Engaging with the dynamics and ramifications of violence, the series encompasses a broad range of topics including crime; gender, sexuality, racism, and ethnicity; conflict resolution, human rights, social justice, and historical memory; neoliberalism, poverty, and development; and migration. It covers both urban and rural environments and ranges from the level of the local street to transnational settings. Rigorous studies based on empirical investigation and informed by contemporary theory are welcome.«
More information: Boydell & Brewer

Series: Women and Gender in German Studies
Series Editor: Elisabeth Krimmer
Publisher: Camden House
Submission deadline for proposals: Ongoing
Excerpt: »This series seeks to publish monographs and edited collections dedicated to women and gender in German Studies. We are particularly interested in critical analyses that reflect the strength and diversity of works by German-speaking women authors from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries, but we also welcome feminist approaches to canonical literature as well as scholarly contributions on women's history.
We invite submissions on women and gender in literature, history, film, and the visual arts in connection with a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, religion and spirituality, race and nationality, migration and transnationality, aesthetics, violence and war, and sexuality and the body.«
More information: Boydell & Brewer

3. Journals

Journal: The Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Theme: New Approaches to Rape Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century
Editors: Jolene Zigarovich and Doreen Thierauf
Submission deadline for abstracts: March 1, 2024
Excerpt: »To reflect new strategies of addressing rape, we seek to bring together writing by scholars of art, literature, history, feminist studies, and legal studies to engage current movements against sexual violence and assess how scholars may approach gender-based violence in eighteenth-century literature and culture. Moving beyond the legal implications of Lord Chief Justice Matthew Hale's claim that rape was a charge 'easily to be made and hard to be proved', a context detailed at length by Gregory Durston (JECS 2005; 2006), we invite contributions that consider rape from feminist, anti-racist, and/or queer perspectives with the goal to foster solidarity and transform the analysis of sexual violence in eighteenth-century studies. «
More information: CFP website

Journal: Women's History: The Journal of the Women's History Network
Editor: Catherine Lee
Submission deadline for articles: Ongoing
Excerpt: »Women's History, the journal of the Women's History Network, is seeking submissions of up to 8,000 words. The journal encourages rigorous and fresh examination of any aspect of women's history from any period.«
More information: H-Announce