Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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First published: May 1, 2023 Last updated: May 1, 2023


Organizer: Elina Pyy

Conference: Ancient Rape Cultures: Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian. International Conference

Place: Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Rome, Italy

Date: October 17-28, 2022

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient History | Types: Rape; Society: Rape Culture


Institutum Romanum Finlandiae (Free Access)

YouTube (Free Access)


Organzers: Elina Pyy, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae (Finnish Institute in Rome), ORCID

  Thursday 27Th
  09.20 Opening keynote lecture. Christopher Greenough: The Bible and Sexual Violence Against Men
  Session 1: Definging Sexual Violence in Graeco-Roman Antiquity (Chair: Ria Berg)
  10.00 Suzanne Lynch: Rape Culture and the Language of Sexual Violence in Ancient Greece
  10.20 Kirsty Harrod: Rape and Respectability in the Athenian oikos
  10.40 Anna Everett Beck: Rape and the Word paelex: Agency and Opprobrium
  11.00 Nephele Papakonstantinou: Gender-based sexual violence in Roman Declamation
  11.40-12-10 Coffee break
  Session 2: Coercion and Rape in Myth and Poety (Chair: Tuomo Salokas)
  12.10 Brian McPhee: Rape Apologetics and Normalization in Callimachus' Acontius and Cydippe (frr.67-75 Pf.)
  12.30 Simona Martorana: Re-Enacting Rape: Medusa in Ovid's Metamorphoses
  12.50 Sigrid Schottenius Culled: Nefas: Philomela and the Unspeakable
  13.30-14-30 Lunch break
  Session 3: Gender, War, and Violence in Epic and Tragedy (Chair: Elina Pyy)
  14.30 Tine Scheijnen: Women in the Trojan War: Gender Evolutions across the Ancient Greek and Medieval Vernacular Literary Traditions
  14.50 Pieta Päällysaho: Sexual Violence and Subjectification in Euripides' Helen
  15.10 Kate Meng Brassel: On Violence Against Trojan Women
  15.30 Alice Hu: Rape and Revision in Statius' Thebaid
  16.10-16-40 Coffee break
  Session 4: Classical Reception (Chair Ria Berg)
  16.40 Aisha Dad: What To Do About That Part: Re-inscribing Rape in Children's Literature
  17.00 Briana King: Fatal Attraction: Ancient Precedents, Modern Appropriations
  17.20 Elina Pyy: Prisoners of the Body: Ancient Myth and Sexual Trauma in 21st Century Screen Fiction
  Friday 28Th
  Session 5: Biblical Reception (Chair: Elina Pyy)
  9.00 Louis Zweig: From Antiquity through Abelard: Dinah's Rape in Latin Poety
  9.20 Giovanni Frulla: "Mal egli non volle ascoltarla" (2 Sam 14): la rappresentazione della storia di Tamar nel Cinquecento
  Session 6: Roman Rape Cultures - Literary Perspectives (Chair: Tuomo Salokas)
  10.00 Evan Jewell: Same-Sex Rape in the Roman Military: Catullus (c. 15, 28) and the Poetics of Homosociality
  10.20 Lucy Mudie: Blurred Lines: The Rape Culture of Ovid's Ars Amatoria
  10.40 Ash Finn: Violence, Degradation and the So-Called 'Gains of Revenge'
  11.00 Benjamin Adam Jerue: The Contested Role of Sexual Violence in Roman Historiography: The Rape of the Sabine Women in Dionysisu Halicarnassus' Antiquitates Romanae 2.30
  11.40-12-10 Coffee break
  Session 7: Imperial Ideology and Colonial Narratives (Chair: Elina Pyy)
  12.10 Kelsey Madden: Identifying the Traffic of Captive Women in Roman Conquest Iconography: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  12.30 Eleanor Newman: The Sexual Exploitation of African Males in Roman Material Culture: Yoyeurism, Penetration, and Fetishization
  15.50 Francesca Bellei: The Great Beauty and the Eternal Victim in Italian Literature from Dante to the Risorgimento
  13.30-14-30 Lunch break
  Session 8: Late Antiquity (Chair: Elina Pyy)
  14.30 Judith Evans Grubbs: 'Don't Force the Slave of God!' St. Thekla and the Avoidance of Rape
  14.50 Gianna Stergiou: Temptation Is Defeated Only by Force: The Case of the Female Figures in the Stories of Early Christian Ascetics
  15.10 Alexander Thies: For the Good of the Empire "Ritulised Rape Culture" in the Late Antique Court
  15.50 Closing keynote lecute. Victoria Leonard: Gendering Violence in the Ancient Past
  Concluding remarks
  Digital Presentations
  Imme Laseur: A Web of Rape: rachne, Ovid and Sexual Violence in the Metamorphoses
  Enni Pentinpuro: Ill-Starred Beauty: The Sexualization of Dying Women in Roman Literature
  Hatin Boumehache Erjali, and and Borja Vertedor Ballesteros: Women Facing the Roman Soldiers: Narrative Strategies of Resitance & Attempted Rape During the Roman Mediterranean Expansion (III-II BC)

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