Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Types: Sexual Assault:

B i b l i o g r a p h y

[Site] G e n e r a l

I. Author Index

[Info] Newman, Connie B., et al. »Sexual Harassment in the Modern Era.« A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice: Lessons in Applied Behavior Analysis. Edited by Jacob A. Sadavoy et al. London 2022.

II. Speaker Index


[Site] A f r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Egyptian History

I. Author Index

[Info] Hammad, Hanan. »Sexual Harassment in Egypt: An Old Plague in a New Revolutionary Order.« Gender 9 (2017): 44-63.

II. Speaker Index


[Site] A m e r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Canadian History

Cases: Fictional Offenders: Dr. Grove; Fictional Victims: Agnes | Representations: Literary Texts: Margaret Atwood

[Site] Chilean History

I. Author Index

[Info] Domínguez Montoya, Álvaro E., et al. »Acoso sexual en Chile y tutela judicial efectiva: Algunos nudos críticos desde la perspectiva de género.« Revista Latinoamericana de Derecho Social No.35 (2022): 297-331.

II. Speaker Index


[Site] U.S. History

Representations: Films: The Closer; Literary Texts: Jay Asher

I. Author Index

[Info] Cunningham, George B., et al. »Sexual harassment and implicit gender-career biases negatively impact women’s life expectancy in the US: a state-level analysis, 2011–2019.« BMC Public Health 14 (April 23, 2024).

[Info] Johnson, Laura S. Gender Discrimination and Title IX Implementation: Lessons from the Office for Civil Rights Resolution Letters 1997-2011. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Kentucky, 2015.

[Info] Murphy, Katherine J. »Analyzing Women's Representation in the Health Care Field on American Television from 1965-2019.« Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research No. 12 (2021): 68-97.

II. Speaker Index


[Site] A s i a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Bangladeshi History

Representations: Press: Daily Jugantor, Daily Prothom Alo

[Site] E u r o p e a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] General

[Info] Zippel, Kathrin. »Transnational Advocacy Networks and Policy Cycles in the European Union: The Case of Sexual Harassment.« Social Politics 11 (2004): 57-85.

[Site] German History

Society: Movements: MeToo Movement