Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Start: Topical Index: Types: Rape: Incestual Rape:

Types: Rape:

[Site] A f r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Cameroonian History

Representations: Literary Texts: Calixthe Beyala (Tu t'appelleras Tanga)

[Site] Zimbabwean History

Representations: Literary Texts: Yvonne Vera (Under the Tongue)

[Site] A m e r i c a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Canadian History

Cases: Fictional Victims: Thelma Barley

[Site] Mexican History

Cases: Real Victims: Frida Kahlo

[Info] Espinoza-Vera, Marcia. »El incesto retratado en dos peliculas de cineastas latinoamericanas.« Literatura y Cine: En el Bicentenario de la Independencia de Iberoamérica y de la Constitución de Cádiz. Edited by Jorge H. Valdivieso et al. Turlock 2014: 25-32.

[Info] González-López, Gloria. »Incest revisited: A Mexican Catholic priest and his daughter.« Sexualities 16 (2013): 401-422.

[Site] U.S. History

Cases: Fictional Offenders: Mr. Rose; Fictional Victims: Scarlet Fasinera, Rose Rose; Real Victims: Roseanne Barr; Representations: Comics: Moon Knight; Films: Precious; Literary Texts: Toni Morrison (The Bluest Eye), Sapphire (Push); Literary Texts: John Irving

[Info] Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah. »Unchaining Daughter’s Body: Refiguring Black Families in the "Postracial" United States.« Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association. San Antonio 2010.

[Info] Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah I. Against the Closet: Black Political Longing and the Erotics of Race. Durham 2012.

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[Info] Rodi-Risberg, Marinella. »Incest Trauma and Survival in Patricia Chao’s Monkey KingStudies in the Novel 47 (2015): 80-98.

[Info] Sacco, Lynn. Unspeakable: Father-Daughter Incest in American History. Baltimore 2009.

[Info] Yoshikawa, Mako E. Riddles and Revelations: Forms of Incest Telling in 20th-Century America. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Michigan, 2008.

[Site] A s i a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Indian History

[Info] Prakash, Surya. »Incestuous Relations in Silence! The Court is in Session and Thirty Days has September: A Comparative Study.« Language in India 15 (2015): 298-316.

[Info] Vatuk, Ved P., et al. »The Lustful Stepmother in the Folklore of Northwestern India.« Journal of South Asian Literature 11 (1975): 19-43.

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[Site] Palestinian History

Cases: Real Victims: Samiha Agha

[Site] Vietnamese History

Representations: Literary Texts: Nguy?n Huy Thi?p

[Site] E u r o p e a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Austrian History

Cases: Real Victims: Elisabeth Fritzl

[Site] English History

Representations: Literary Texts: Deborah Moggach (Porky)

[Site] German History

Cases: Real Victims: Margot Pohl, Charlotte Salomon

[Site] Irish History

Representations: Literary Texts: Marian Carr, Jennifer Johnston

[Site] Russian History

Cases: Fictional Victims: Batya; Representations: Literary Texts: Rivka Alper (Pirpurey mahapekha)

[Site] Swiss History

Real Victims: Greta

[Site] O c e a n i a n   H i s t o r y

[Site] Australian History

[Info] Featherstone, Lisa, et al. »Hierarchies of Harm and Violence: Historicising Familial Sexual Violence in Australia.« Australian Feminist Studies 29 (2014): 306-324.

[Info] Foote, Wendy L. Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in the Family Court. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Sydney, 2006.