Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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Cases: Mythological Cases:

Rape of Creusa

Representations: Literary Texts: Euripides (Ion)

Rape of Daphne

Representations: Art: Lorenzo Bernini, Carlo Cignani (Daphne and Apollo), Andrea Mantegna (Pallas Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue), Antonio del Pollaiuolo (Apollo and Daphne), Peter Paul Rubens (Apollo and Daphne), Nicola da Urbino; Representations: Literary Texts: Abraham Cowley (The Vegetarian), Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath ("On the Difficulty of Conjuring Up a Dryad"), ("Where I live in this Honorable House of the Laurel Tree")

I. Author Index

[Info] Galea, Aimee. Challenging humanity's idea of rape culture through the myth of Apollo and Daphne and its reevaluation. Bachelor Thesis, University of Malta, 2019.

II. Speaker Index

[Info] Diver, Robin. »Fleeing from Rape: A Children's Tale? Adaptations of Daphne and Apollo.« Echoes: A Symposium on Classic-Modern Relations. Birmingham 2018.

[Info] Diver, Robin. »Fleeing from Rape: A Children's Tale? Adaptations of Daphne and Apollo.« Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History. London 2018.

[Info] Diver, Robin. »Adapting Rape for Children: Modern Retellings of the Greek Myth of Daphne.« Annual British Comparative Literature Association Postgraduate Conference. Oxford 2020.

[Info] Diver, Robin. »Beautiful Art or Disturbing Sexual Violence? Visual Receptions of Daphne in Children's Books of Greek Myth.« The Classical Association Annual Conference. Swansea 2020.

Rape of Pythia Phemonoe

Representations: Literary Texts: Lucan (Pharsalia)