Sexual Violence in History: A Bibliography

compiled by Stefan Blaschke


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[Info] Kümper, Hiram. »The injured body in context: Outlines for a legal history of rape in pre-modern Europe (c. 1250–1750) in cultural perspective.« New Perspectives on Gender and Legal History: European Traditions and the Challenge of Global History. Frankfurt/Main 2009.

[Site] English Legislation

Laws: Statute of Westminster 1275, Statute of Westminster 1285

I. Author Index

[Info] Brown, Stephanie. Rape in Medieval England: A Legal History, 1272-1307. Master Thesis, Emory University, 2009.

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[Info] Carter, John M. »The Changing Status of Rape in Thirteenth-Century England.« Carolinas Symposium on British Studies. Clemson 1983.

[Site] German Legislation

Laws: Sachsenspiegel

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[Site] Spanish Legislation

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[Info] Arauz Mercado, Diana. »La Protección jurídico-penal de las mujeres en la “Hispania Medieval”, a través del Código de las Siete Partidas.« Hispanista No. 19 (2004).

[Info] Charageat, Martine. »Usage polyvalent et évolution du concept de rapt en Aragon: Entre normes et récits judiciaires (XIIIe-XVIe siècles).« Estudis 40 (2014): 13-30.

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